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Toskani Laboratory

Toskani Laboratory Ltd. was officially opened in summer of 2007. Toskani Laboratory is a Russian research and manufacturing facility that was built upon European technologies. Here, we create a variety of high-quality advanced products for use aesthetic medicine in accordance with the wishes of doctors and their patients. Today Toskani Laboratory Ltd. manufactures the following brands:

  • Hyalrepair - a completely new type of hyaluronic acid injections, created using a patented technique of solid-state HA modification with various components attached to HA chains. 
  • Skinasil products for mesotherapy.
  • Hyaluform - products based on hyaluronic acid, registered as medical devices.
  • MedicControlPeel - a number of different chemical peels for professional use. MedicControlPeel brand also offers a wide selection of cosmetics that can be used both by professionals and at home (creams, gels, lotions primarily intended for pre- and post-peel skin care).
  • MCPeel - phenol solution for medium or deep chemical peel treatments.
  Toskani Laboratory

Toskani Laboratory website: (only available in Russian)