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SoftFil Microcannulas

SoftFil offers a range of microcannulas with markings and various internal diameter for use with dermal fillers. Developed specifically for the use with soft filling technique (a standard way to perform filling treatments) SoftFil are a great choice for any physician. Regardless of the area to be treated, SoftFil range offers at least two optimally matching cannulas for you to choose from. All of our cannulas have been rheologically and clinically tested.

Канюли SoftFil

Advantages of SoftFil®:

  • Wide range of products
    Different lengths and diameters of cannulas to optimally match every filler and every treatment zone.
  • Suitable for any clinical use
    One or more sizes for each treatment zone leaves physician a choice to use the best-matching cannula for his or her preferred technique.
  • Excellent quality and reliability
    SoftFil cannulas are made of flexible steel and strong plastic base.
  • Verified clinical safety
    Minimal tissue trauma due to SoftFil's rounded tip.
  • Markings to control the depth of penetration
    Markings on the cannula allow the physician to precisely control the depth of injection.
  • Apply less force to the plunge
    XL-diameter cannula the physician to apply less force while injecting highly viscous gels.
  • Visible markings at the tip of the cannula
    Visibly marked opening at the tip of the cannula allows you to easily locate the opening and predict the flow of the filler even while the needle is inside the dermis.


Selecting a cannula based on viscosity of Perfectha Derm or Hyaluform fillers

Selecting a cannula based on the viscosity of the filler