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About Perfectha Derm

Perfetha DermMade in France by a pharmaceutical company ObvieLine SAS, Perfectha Derm brand products are stabilized hyaluronic acid fillers of biotechnological origin for contouring treatments. Perfectha Derm gels contain 20 mg/ml of Hyaluronic acid. In 2010, Perfectha Derm brand received one of the top awards at the Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Monte Carlo. The entire line of Perfectha Derm products is fully certified for medical use.

Perfectha Derm offers the following products:

  • Perfectha Derm Fine Lines
  • Perfectha Derm
  • Perfectha Derm Deep
  • Perfectha Derm Sub-Skin

The different product lines are designed to affect the different layers of the skin: dermal, hypoderm, and the periosteum. The complete range of fillers allows to solve any aesthetic problem from the correction of wrinkles to modeling the shape and volume of the lips and biological reinforcement of face and body.

Advantages of Perfectha Derm:

  • Excellent plasticity: hyaluronic acid is naturally distributed in the dermis without injuring the surrounding tissue and conforms to the space that needs to be filled.
  • Visible results: the effect of contouring becomes apparent after the first procedure. Since there is no swelling around the injection area that would interfere with the visibility and evaltuation of the results, the treatment can be controlled visually (as opposed to the traditional method not simply relying on tracking the administered amounts of the drug).
  • Excellent price to quality ratio: Perfectha Derm uses highest quality active ingredients of the drug have proved their effectiveness and safety while offering competitive prices.