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Gernetic International

Gernetic International cosmeceuticals are a professional line of products for face and body care, developed and produced in France by medical-biological laboratory Gernetic Synthese. The goal of Gernetic is "restoration of genetically programmed health at the cellular level." The products of Gernetic International are designed to solve aesthetic problems by affecting the biochemical processes in cells of the skin and internal organs.

Half a century of research 

Albert Laporte - founder of Gernetic InternationalFounder of Gernetic Laboratories is a talented physician and biochemist Albert Laporte, had many non-traditional, innovative approaches to solving aesthetic problems. The relationship between internal problems of the body and their outward manifestation served as the basis of his scientific research. For 47 years, Dr. Laporte had studied organic compounds of each cell of the human body and the properties of biochemical compounds within those cells - amino acids, peptides, saccharides, lipids, nucleotides, microelements, vitamins and enzymes. Gernetic International products were created on the basis of his findings with unique formulas that have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin to correct aesthetic problems and create a healthier body, through a balanced composition and low molecular weight of active ingredients. Based on original research in the field of dermatology, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, molecular biology and technology of biosynthesis, Gernetic Synthese improved methods of obtaining key ingredients for their drugs from cellular components of plant and marine origin.

How do Gernetic products work? 

The key to the active ingredients of Gernetic International products is correction of the damage and age-related changes of skin by stimulating skin’s own protective mechanisms. Cosmeceuticals Gernetic perform their specific functions due to the presence of various biologically active ingredients in their composition, used for their specific effects on the intracellular processes. All the active ingredients of drugs Gernetic International were found in 187 plants, marine organisms, 12 algae and, created using biotechnology. Their synergistic interaction triggers cellular renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthening the intercellular matrix, and increases the activity of enzymes involved in metabolic processes. Unlike many drugs, Gernetic International cosmeceuticals do not cause habituation (reduction in efficiency over time), and therefore can be used during an unlimited period of time. In fact, in most cases, their effect is cumulative, and increases over time.

A full course of treatment with Gernetic products in a clinic or in a beauty salon, combined with the use of essential beauty care products at home, can achieve aesthetic results and, more importantly, maintain them over a long period of time. After all, products of Gernetic International do not simply conceal problems like traditional cosmetics, but also eliminate the root causes.

Gernetic products can solve a wide range of aesthetic problems, such as:

  • Age-related changes in face and body
  • Oily and problem skin
  • Need to correct the shape or tone the breasts
  • Cellulite, excess body fat, circulatory system disorders
  • Scalp and hair problems (including hair loss)
  • Imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • Acne, scars and stretch marks 

Gernetic – cosmetics for professionals

  • The line of professional cosmeceuticals Gernetic International is sold only through certified cosmetologists and never and under no circumstances will be available in retail.
  • Professionals who actively use Gernetic products in their cosmetic practice, are provided with an annual opportunity to attend a training course in France, in the laboratory Gernetic Synthese

Gernetic Synthese also offers a luxury brand Millerial Transfer with enhanced consumer features designed for skin care at home. It is available to end users in retail stores and also authorized for sale in beauty salons using Gernetic.