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Facial Care - Millerial Transfer


Cream for Cutaneous Imperfections

Peaux Jeunes cream has been specially formulated to rebalance the pH of the skin and regulate sebaceous secretions, healing and smoothing out rough skin, dilated
pores and cutaneous imperfections.

Peaux Jeunes contains active ingredients ideally selected for skin prone to imperfections:

  • Antimicrobial essential oils of myrrh and thyme and phenolics extracted from burdock root
  • Astringent, purifying, soothing and emollient extracts from mauve, plantain and watercress
  • Allantoin - a soothing substance ideal in cases of inflamed skins.

Application at home
Apply Peaux Jeunes cream all over the face in the mornings and evenings until completely absorbed. If necessary, apply other creams after.