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Facial Care - Millerial Transfer


Surface peeling lotion based on 100% natural organic acids

Active Ingredients
Flower extracts, rich in natural acids: freesia, hibiscus, frangipani and lily; citric acids 12%, malic acid 5%, lactic and salicylic acids.

Peels away dead cells and stimulates regeneration. Moisturizes the skin, improves the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen. Does not disrupt biological activity of live cells, due to a high pH (3.0 – much less acidic than most traditional peels). Also dissolves blackheads and helps prevent their reappearance if used regularly. Suitable for use any time of year, because unlike many other peels, ACIDES DE FLEURS does not make the skin vulnerable to UV radiation.

Carefully open the ampoule and apply the contents to face, neck, and eyelids. Wait 5 minutes, then apply any regular skin care products. Lotion is designed to be completely absorbed by the skin and does not require rinsing. Procedure may be repeated weekly or once every two weeks.