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Facial Care - Millerial Transfer


Мakeup remover for all skin types

This micellar make-up remover lotion is formulated for a cleansing, calming regenerating, toning and stimulating effect. Ideally suited for removing the make-up around the eyes and cleaning the pores.

Demaquillant Douceur lotion has a unique formulation combining cleansers and surfactants organized in micelles to improve the cleansing power along with several plant extracts:

  • Lime tree: well known for its decongesting, soothing, softening properties;
  • Camomile: soothing, anti-irritant and emollient, it helps to relieve irritations of the skin, redness and itching sensations, relax and soften the skin;
  • Ginseng: which properties are among others, calming, revitalizing, toning and stimulating;
  • Witch Hazel: rich in tannins and flavanoids particularly, giving it properties (of tighten skin pores), decongesting, calming and anti-bacterial. It plays a calming role helping to reduce the discomfort of the skin
  • Cucumber: well known for its refreshing, decongesting properties, it also acts as an emollient, calming and softening

Demaquillant Douceur lotion is used to remove makeup on the face or the eyes and prepares the skin for subsequent application of any other creams. It can be used either as a spray avoiding the contact with the eyes or with the hands tapping lightly with the fingers making it absorbed or with a soaked cotton pad.