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The word "cosmeceutical" was coined about 20 years ago by the famous American dermatologist Albert Kligman. The term is formed from the words "cosmetic" and "pharmaceutical", which quite clearly reflects the function of cosmeceuticals – they are substances that are in-between drugs and cosmetics in terms of their nature and effect. A precise definition of the category “cosmeceuitcals” still does not exist today because it is by no means an easy task to draw the line between what is a drug and what is a cosmeceuitcal, and on the other side, between a cosmeceuitcal and a “simple” cosmetic. However, attempts to define at least some rules regarding this nomenclature have been made. 

"Ideal" cosmeceutical must meet the following requirements:

- Proven to be effective through clinical trials
- Provide visible and noticeable to the consumer results
- Treat causes of the aesthetic problems, rather than simply masking surface effects
- Have minimal or no side effects;
- Provide preventative action

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