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For Telangiectasia Treatment

Retioderm 50ml

Therapeutic cream for treatment of capillary disorders

Active Ingredients
Vitamin K, retinol, musk rose oil, glycyrrhizic acid, allatonin.

Developed by the Spanish laboratory Sinnoga exclusively for MedicControlPeel. Recommended for treatment of telangiectasia, couperosis, rosacea, and other skin conditions caused by the disorders of the capillary system. RETIODERM is suitable for any skin type. It also has revitalizing and moisturizing effects and normalizes intercellular nutrient transfer in the epidermis.

For prophylaxis or capillary disorders, use the cream two to three times weekly. During intensive treatment, apply daily on clear skin. For individuals with skin highly sensitive to UV radiation, apply the cream only at night and protect the skin with MEDISCREEN cream in the morning.