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UV Protection

Medilight 100ml (SPF 20)

Whitening cream with UV protection

Active Ingredients
Titanium dioxide, mulberry root extract, kojic, phytic and lactic acids, retinol.

Highly effective cream for treatment of undesirable pigmentation of varying origin. Inhibits melanin synthesis, has whitening and anti-oxidant properties. Also serves as a powerful UV protection cream.

As a treatment for hyperpigmentation, use twice daily for six months. For prevention of undesirable pigmentation, use two to three times weekly. Suitable for use 10-15 after a chemical peel procedure.

Mediscreen 50ml (SPF 85)

Extra-strength UV protection cream

Guarantees maximal protection for any type of skin. Contains innovative chemical and physical sun filters which provide a uniquely high level of UV protection according to the COLIPA scale. Biopeptide aldenin effectively neutralizes harmful free radicals, activates collagen synthesis, and increases elasticity of the skin.

Apply to dry skin at least 30 minutes before sunbathing. Periodically apply a new layer of cream.