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Hyalrepair Mesolift

HYALREPAIR-10M / mesolift

Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic acid (2 mg / ml), modified with vitamin C, cysteine and glutathione.

1. Wrinkles around the eyes, lips, nasolabial folds.
2. Dry, thin, or dehydrated skin
2. Acne, couperosis
3. Stress-related decrease in skin tone and elasticity

Stimulates collagen and elastin fiber synthesis, provides targeted delivery of active substances and ensures their prolonged retention in the skin. Cysteine and glutathione are both effective antioxidants. Cysteine is one of the basic components required for synthesis of alpha-keratin - the main protein involved in the formation of the epidermal barrier.

Clinical Results
Smoothes wrinkles, lightens skin discolorations, increases hydration. Normalizes sebaceous gland secretions. Reinforces blood vessels, preventing rosacea.