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Hyalrepair Mesolift

HYALREPAIR-08M / mesolift

Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic acid (2 mg / ml), modified with vitamin C and L-carnitine.

1. Localized excess fat deposits
2. Cellulite
3. Sagging skin on the shoulders, thighs, or abdomen due to a previous weight loss treatment.

Used after liposuction treatments (both surgical and electronic), as well as in addition to them.
Stimulates collagen and elastin fiber synthesis, provides targeted delivery of active substances and ensures their prolonged retention in the skin. L-carnitine provides structural reinforcement to cellular membranes and normalizes water/salt balance of the skin.

Clinical Results
Powerful lipolytic effect, lifting effect on facial tissues, prevention or correction of weight loss-induced sagging skin. Overall figure correction.