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What is Biorepair?

Biorepair is a treatment to restore cellular structures of the skin, restoring it to natural youth and beauty . Biorepair emerged as the next evolutionary step of the popular and widely-used technique, called biorevitalization. Biorepair is designed to overcome the shortcomings of the latter, serving as a more effective and more versatile instrument for the cosmetologist.

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The emergence of the revolutionary Hyalrepair drugs was preceded by three years of research, development, and numerous clinical tests, that confirmed maximum efficiency and complete safety of its constituens. Efficacy of biorepair drugs has been clinically proven by many cosmetological clinics in Moscow that were first to use them. Subjective assessments of this procedure by the patients ranged from “satisfactory” to “excellent”. Hyalrepair is designed to address the most complex aesthetic skin problems, halting the aging of the skin by means of supplying the nutrients lack of which causes aging in the first place.

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