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Ultra Cavi Sonic

Multifunctional Device for Ultrasonic Peeling and Sonophoresis

Cavitation peeling is a painless peel technique and an excellent alternative to manual exfoliation. It is a recent innovation that is steadily gaining popularity among cosmetologists. The second function of ULTRA CAVI SONIC is sonophoresis – delivery of active chemical compounds directly into the cells of the skin, which greatly increases their effect compared to surface application. This technique that has been widely used in medicine for quite a while, but is only now being adapted for cosmetic purposes. Another function of this unit is performing a massage using an ultrasonic nozzle. ULTRA CAVI SONIC improves blood circulation in the skin, improves oxygenation of the tissues and ensures deep penetration of cosmetic products.

Ultra Cavi SonicEffects of Treatment

  1. Quick and painless skin cleansing
  2. Normalizes sebaceous gland activity
  3. Oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells
  4. Greatly improves effects of other cosmetic treatments
  5. Stimulates blood circulation
  6. Improves skin elasticity


  • Digital control system of cavitation
  • Innovative design for quick heat transfer
  • Includes three ergonomic attachments of varying thickness and size for use on different areas of face and body
  • User friendly display and control panel


Session duration

0-20 min


230 V


40 W

Ultrasound frequencies

For cavitation peeling: 25000 Hz

“Face” and “Body” attachments: 1 MHz

“Eyes” attachment: 2 MHz

Power concentration

0.2-1.6 W per square centimeter

Pulse scale

50%. 75%, 100%


42 x 30 x 16 cm


4.6 kg

 Includes protocols of standard procedures.