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Myostimulation, meaning “muscle stimulation”, is an effective procedure for repair of damaged nerves, muscles and internal organs using pulse currents. Myostimulation is used for both aesthetic and medical purposes. In modern cosmetology, it is often used for correction and improvement of face contour by strengthening muscles and increasing muscle mass. Before starting the procedure the electrodes are attached to the motor points of muscles (the place where the nerve enters the muscle). Myostimulation can even affect the muscles that are situated very deep and exercising them normally presents some difficulty. Then, short electrical impulses are fired to cause muscle contraction and then relaxation. This involuntary stimulation exercises the muscles, making them contract and relax to the rhythm of the intermittently-fed  electrical current. This way myostimulation strengthens weakened facial muscles and tones facial contours.

Electrical stimulation also has beneficial effects on cellular metabolism, tissue metabolism, and blood circulation, accelerating the excretion of toxins and excess fluid. Myostimulation is frequently used in beauty salons for lymphatic drainage, building muscle mass, burning off unwanted fat, improving complexion and overall appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful look.

Myostimulation can be performed as a single procedure, for an immediate improvement in appearance, or in longer courses for toning muscles, burning fat, and other long-term effects. In case of a longer treatment, the standard course is 5-8 weeks with two to three sessions per week.

Indications for myostimulation:

  • Flabby skin and muscles
  • Cellulite
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Osteochondrosis and scoliosis
  • Obesity
  • Venous-lymphatic insufficiency

Advantages of myostimulation:

  • Non-invasive and painless alternative to the plastic surgery
  • Ensures a quick and lasting effect
  • No discomfort during the procedure
  • Easy to perform