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Lipo-Cavitation System

2-in1 system combining the effects of cavitation and infrared radiation

Ultrasonic liposuction is an innovative method of fighting cellulite. Combined action of infrared radiation and ultrasonic waves ensures quick dramatic results without any side effects typically associated with traditional (surgical) liposuction. LIPO-CAVITATION system uses IR waves to heat up adipose tissue, as well as significantly accelerate metabolism and blood flow. Then targeted and precisely calibrated ultrasound waves destroy fat cells and the released fat molecules are picked up by the blood and quickly and naturally metabolized.

Lipo Cavitation SystemEffects of Treatment

  1. Noninvasive reduction of adipose tissue
  2. Noticeable results with no side effects
  3. Immediate weight loss
  4. Controlled shaping effect
  5. No sagging skin, unlike after traditional liposuction


  • Pre-loaded two-stage program of the standard procedure
  • Two attachments (UV and IR) ensure a complete treatment using one apparatus
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Variable session duration



Session duration

0-20 minutes


230 V


110 W

Ultrasound frequency

30 kilohertz

IR wavelength

8780-9650 nm

IR Power

30 W


42 x 30 x 16 cm


4 kg

Includes two attachments for UV and IR and standard procedural protocols.