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Face Lifting

Myostimulation is performed with the help of short pulses of electric current on specific muscles, inducing a series of contractions and relaxations. Myostimulation in cosmetology is generally used for toning of flaccid facial muscles, both at the surface and those much deeper. The treatment is effectively "passive gymnastics" with the possibility of targeting muscles which cannot be normally exercised through voluntary control.

This procedure is an important part of the complex of services any beauty salon and cosmetology clinic should offer. Myostimulation combats wrinkles and prevents age-related changes in all skin types. It considerably increases the elasticity of the skin, tightens the facial contour, and also stimulates cellular metabolism, which contributes to the efficient excretion of toxins and excess fluids.

Face Lifting

Effects of Treatment

1. instant face lift
2. toned facial muscles
3. smoothed out wrinkles
5. increased lymph flow and improved microcirculation


  • Topography of the motor points (points of connection of nerves to muscles)
  • Pre-programmed common procedures
  • Pulses with variable voltage output
  • Disposable electrodes
  • Adjustable pulse power for each individual area of impact
  • System «Easy Touch».


Session duration

0-20 minutes


230 V


10 W

Current strength

0.2-6.2 mA


1 Hz


42x30x16 cm


2.2 kg

Includes disposable adhesive electrodes.