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A New Wave in Radiosurgery

Wavetronic 5000Wavetronic 5000 Digital is a portable radiosurgical device, operating at high frequency (4 MHz) enabling the surgeon to perform delicate surgical manipulations, adhering to the highest standards of patient safety. Wavetronic is designed for monopolar cutting and coagulation as well as bipolar coagulation. Wavetronic has proven to be a cleaner and safer substitute to a conventional scalpel, having found use in several different medical specialties, such as surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, and dermatovenerogoly.

The biggest advantages of Wavetronic are a virtually bloodless operative field and increased rate of tissue regeneration with minimal scarring. Wavetronic is notable for the absence of the "Faraday effect" (involuntary and quite painful muscle contractions in response to the passage of electrical current through the body) that plagues most low-frequency electrosurgical generators.

The device has four modes of operation:

1. Cut  - basic cutting mode that produces minimal heat. Makes delicate cuts, avoids charring the tissues and destruction of nearby cells. Ideal for performing cuts near the bone, removing superficial skin tumors and cutting skin grafts.

2. Blend (cut and coagulation) – surface coagulation takes place simultaneously with cutting, with wave ratio being approximately 50/50. Blend mode makes it easy to perform quick cuts and immediately stop the bleeding. This is the most commonly used type of wave with the highest number of potential applications: aesthetic medicine, reconstructive plastic surgery, various peels, removal of skin tumors, removal of nerves, actinic and seborrheic keratoses, keloids, and more. 

3. Coagulation – a mode with high lateral heat emission. Used in dermatology for the treatment of telangiectasia, depilation, in otalaryngology for the treatment of nasal bleeding, and others. Can be used to stop bleeding from vessels with a diameter up to 1.5 mm with the use of special ball electrodes.

4. Bipolar (bipolar coagulation mode) - high accuracy hemostatic current that can be used in both wet and dry areas, with tweezers used as electrodes. Frequently used in microsurgery.

Wavetronic's convenience, and ease of use, expandability with additional electrodes and other equipment make it an attractive option for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, always yielding excellent results.