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Energist IPL System

Fractional CO2 Laser

Energist IPL system combines technological advances of iPulse system with an ease of use and an ergonomic design. Treatments using IPL are painless and easy to perform!

Energist IPL System i200+

Energist IPL system can be used for:

  1. Photo- hair removal
  2. Photo-rejuvenation
  3. Pigmentation removal
  4. Acne treatment


  1. Simplified user interface
    You can simply choose from one of the pre-programmed treatments that best matches your patient's skin type (optionally, the intensity can be adjusted during the treatment)
  2. Low maintenance and simple installation
    Installation and routine maintenance of the unit does not require a specialist technician. Lamp module is extremely easy to replace and an electronic system warns the user about the need for a new module.

  3. Efficiency and portability
    Thanks to a large contact area (8.9 square centimeters), iPulse i200+ ensures quick and economical treatment. Also, much lighter and smaller than any other similar unit, i200 is ideal for situations where space is at a premium, or whenever portability is required.
  4. Two different configurations
    iPulse i300+ lets you choose between two versions of the unit – a smaller, portable version, or one with a compact stand on wheels for additional maneuverability.


Light Source

Twin xenon lamps


530-1200 nm

Impulse width

10-110 ms

Impulse modes

Single or triple impulse


0.25 Hz

Contact area

8.9 cm2

Energy density

2-20 J/cm2

Cooling System



102 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm


14 kg (portable), 27 kg (with the stand)