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About Energist

Energist Ltd, based in Swansea (United Kingdom) specializes in developing and manufacturing pulsed light systems. Since 1999 Energist has become a major worldwide provider of light based treatment systems, in part thanks to their high quality and reliable Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, and later because of the popularity of their unique Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) system. At present, Energist maintains a worldwide network of distributors, with Martinex being their official partner in Russia.

Energist Ltd prioritizes quality and safety in their products and works closely with various local and regulatory bodies in England as well as international organizations to ensure that highest safety and quality requirements are met.



Evolution of Aesthetic Laser Technologies

During the last decade, the use of lasers and intense pulsed light systems for various cosmetic and medical conditions has grown tremendously. Pulsed light devices have progressed significantly, Energist’s Variable Pulsed Light system, chief among  them. New technologies allow for major increases in available power, whilst still offering a high degree of safety and minimal side effects. This is possible primarily due to improvements in filter and pulsing design technology, where Energist leads the competition. VPL systems can be used for hair removal, permanent hair reduction and skin treatments such as photorejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles, epidermal pigmentation, sun damage, removal of pigmented lesions, rosacea or acne.

Many lasers make claims of permanently removing hair as their chief selling point. However, these lasers are more aggressive forms of treatment and have two major limitations: one is medical – laser use on patients with lighter skin types has high risks of complications and is not recommended, and the other is legal – in many countries lasers can be operated only by certified physicians.

Potential of Pulsed Light Systems

Broad band light sources or intense light sources (as intense pulsed light is sometimes known) are proving to be very effective forms of hair reduction and other treatments. Energist Ultra Variable Pulsed Light (VPL™) system is clinically proven to provide long term hair reduction. The Ultra VPL™ system provides every beauty clinic with a safer treatment alternative to traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing, sugaring, electrolysis and plucking.

Energist’s IPL and VPL systems can transform the look of the skin in a few simple sessions. The visible signs of ageing and sun damage can be effectively reduced to achieve younger looking, healthy skin. Unwanted skin conditions, such as apparent vascular lesions (telangiectasias, thread veins, diffuse redness, couperosis), epidermal pigmented lesions (age spots, solar lentigines), fine lines and wrinkles (solar elastosis) can be reduced or removed altogether using pulsed light.

Energist’s pulsed light systems will be an asset to any clinic, as a safer and more gentle alternative to lasers, and will provide you with an opportunity to treat patients other clinics would be obliged to turn down!