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Energist UltraPlus VPL System

UltraPlus is the latest VPL system from Energist, specialists in light treatment systems.

Energist logoFeatures 

  • 4 treatment specific handpieces
  • Specialist High Energy handpiece up to 108J/cm2
  • 25,000 shots on the Hair Removal handpiece
  • Dual-bandwidth Acne handpiece
  • Preset parameters for optimum results
  • Water-cooled for higher energy & more effective treatments
  • Simple touch screen user panel 

VPL System

Enhanced Versatility

UltraPlus VPL, based on the world-renowned and proven Variable Pulse Light technology offers the power and options you need to offer the most advanced and most effective hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatments services to clients with any skin type.

Energist UltraPlus VPL system is supplied with two handpieces for treatments such as facial and body hair removal, age and sun spots, rosacea, and wrinkle removal. Optionally, we offer two additional handpieces, each unique to the UltraPlus:

  • Acne treatment handpiece: Dedicated dual-bandwidth handpiece specifically designed to target acne.
  • High Energy handpiece: Designed for more aggressive treatments, this handpiece is able to deliver up to 108J energy per square centimeter

Additionally, the enhanced hair removal handpiece on the UltraPlus VPL now provides 25.000 shots, offering more economical treatments than previously possible.

With 840 different pulse variations, specific treatment presets and energy output levels up to 108J/cm², the enhanced treatment options of the UltraPlus VPL provide you with total treatment solutions for your client.

The flexibility of Energist VPL system allows you to perform a wide range of treatments with a single system, making it the best possible investment for you and keeping the options open for your clients.