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Energist FRx

Fractional CO2 Laser

Built upon the established CO2 laser technology, Energist FRx adds an array of advanced features to a standard CO2 platform. This super-fast and highly efficient fractional CO2 laser system has a wavelength of 10,600 nm, which is almost completely absorbed by the intracellular fluids, providing a non-specific ablation of superficial skin.

Energist FRx is equipped with comfortable and maneuverable fractional scanner MedArt, that is characterized by its ergonomic design, and allows you to quickly and accurately control the treatment. This unit also features a unique flexible cable from the silver-crystal-fiber that takes fractional skin resurfacing to a whole new level.

Energist FRx fractional CO2 laser

Range of applications:

1. Laser skin resurfacing
2. Skin rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles
3. Reduction of stretch marks
4. Reduction of undesirable pigmentation
5. Removal of warts

Advantages of Energist FRx

  1. Convenience and ease of use
    Energist FRx features nozzles on the unique flexible fiber cable, allowing you to easily reach any area of the patient’s body. Combined with this unit’s ability to function when installed in either horizontal or vertical position, Energist FRx really lets you forget about the ergonomics of the procedure. The display is visible and easy to read regardless of the position of the device.

  2. Highly customizable treatment
    Individual needs of the patient should always be a priority of the cosmetologist, and Energist FRx allows you to maximally accommodate those needs, customizing the treatment to perfectly match the patient’s skin profile.

    Pulse length from 2 to 7 ms
    Light beam inverval 1,25-1,66 mm
    Filling factor of 7-20%;
    Three light beam density options: small (7 x 7), medium (9 x 9), large (11 x 11).

  3. Cutting edge technologies guarantee high efficiency
    CO2-laser FRx includes a three-dimensional scanner FRx 458, which automatically evenly distributes programmed energy across the impact area of 10 x 10 mm, providing a fractional effect on the skin. FRx 458 ensures a safe treatment and shortens the recovery period.

    The scanner is capable of processing 30 square centimeters of skin in just one minute, and to process the entire surface of an average human body, no more than 15 minutes. Density of light beams and wavelength can be quickly adjusted through a convenient interface. As with all Energist products, ergonomic design and light weight of the scanner make the process of laser resurfacing easy.


  • Wide array of applications
  • Highly customizable effect – from light surface treatment to full laser skin resurfacing
  • Pre-loaded therapeutic programs
  • Short recovery period
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily adjustable settings
  • Time-efficient treatments
  • No disposable parts – no-hassle and eco friendly!
  • Flexible fiberoptic cable, ensuring easy access to any area of the patient’s body
  • Guaranteed, reliable results!


 FRx 610 (15 Watt CO2 laser)

System Type


Max power

15 W


10600 nm

Targeting Beam


Focused light beam size

0.5 mm


0.3 – 100 Hz

Impulse duration

10 – 1000 ms

Power requirements

100-240 V


67cm x 28cm x 44cm


16 kg

FRx 458 scanner

Beam density

7x7 beam = 1.66mm interval

9x9 beam = 1.23mm interval

11x11 beam = 1 mm interval

Wavelength/delay time

2-7ms for each light beam

Maximum energy density

82 mJ/cm2 at 12 W


12cm x 11cm x 2.5cm


Approximately 290 grams