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SmartSense and ThermaView


Cynosure LogoSmartSense is a unique microchip embedded in the handpiece which carefully monitors the amount of radiated energy. If the motion of the handle cannula slows or stops, SmartSense immediately responds and within 0.2 seconds the laser stops firing, resuming once the handle is in motion again. This ensures the exact dosage of laser irradiation and, consequently, the safety of the procedure.

SmartSense improves:

  • dosage of energy (accuracy)
  • safety of the treatment
  • stability of the results


How it works

SmartSense has a built-in accelerometer, which detects whenever the handle stops or slows below a minimum threshold (you can choose from 3 pre-set thresholds for treatment of different body areas) and then the chip automatically “pauses” the laser.

Cynosure Lipo Triplex comes standard with a built-in SmartSense system and newer models of Lipo MPX do as well. However, if you aready own an older Body Sculpting system from Cynosure, you can easily upgrade it with SmartSense and bring it up to date with the newest technologies!

SmartSense provides superior control over the process of treatment, simplifying your work and giving your patients a sense of complete comfort and safety.


ThermaView is a great addition to your Lipo Triplex or Lipo MPX system. 

It contains an infrared thermal camera which displays a real-time thermal map of your treatment area. ThermaView will automatically send a warning message to your Laser Body Sculpting workstation when the maximum recommended skin temperature is reached and then you can make a decision whether to pause the treatment or move on to a different area.

ThermaView helps you:

  • Increase the safety of the treatment
  • Closely monitor the dosage of radiation patient’s skin receives and work with that information in mind, improving the results
  • Eliminate the need to constantly measure the temperature of the skin