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Cynosure Lipo Triplex

Advanced Body Sculpting Workstation

Cynosure Lipo TriplexLipo Triplex from Cynosure is a new best-selling system in the USA, available in Russia from Martinex. Lipo Triplex works to reduce the volume of adipose tissue, shape the connective tissue stroma and reduce the subcutaneous fat cells.

Improved Treatment

Aesthetic medicine is a competitive field. Many technologies has become more easily accessible and increasingly widespread in the recent years and with the spread of technology, the demands patients make towards liposuction treatments have increased as well. However, the owners of Lipo Triplex have nothing to worry about, because they already have the ultimate  body sculpting system!

Cynosure Lipo Triplex has three wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm, thanks to which it exerts a systemic action and completely solves any cellulite-related problem. This workstation can target and destroy fat cells, coagulate dilated venules, and assist in retraction of subdermal skin layer to ensure smooth and tight skin after the procedure. Your clients will be amazed by the perfect treatment without any hematomas or stretch marks!

Three wavelengths – three purposes:

1064 nm – Best absorbed by collagen fibers. Improves skin turgor by heating the collagen fiber. Best possible hemostasis and fastest recovery.
1320 nm – Best absorbed by water. Contracts the tissue by drying out the subcutaneous cells, reducing stretch marks and resulting in smoother skin.
1440 nm – Best absorbed by adipose tissue. Primary tool of lipolisys.

 Effects of Treatment

  • Extremely high efficiency of lipolysis.
  • Coagulates dilated venules.
  • Skin receives precisely controlled quantities of energy thanks to the SmartSense technology.
  • Reduced treatment time and minimal recovery period.
  • Unique simultaneous correction of adipose tissue, connection tissue stroma, and subcutaneous fat cells.


  • Availability of three wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm) and their combination allows for optimized treatments like never before.
  • All three wavelengths can be used simultaneously.
  • Automatic energy dosage system SmartSense ThermaGuide prevents possible damage by controlling the maximum amount of energy skin can receive. SmartSense “pauses” the laser beam as soon as the physician stops moving it to ensure no area gets burned.

Cynosure LIpo Triplex is a great investment for any cosmetology clinic. Advanced laser lipolysis with Lipo Triplex can become your hallmark treatment , allowing you to beat the competition in today’s market!