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Cynosure Lipo MPX

Dual-Wavelength Laser Body Sculpting

Cynosure Lipo MPXNew Lipo MPX dual-wavelength platform from Cynosure, with an Nd:YAG laser combines the benefits of the 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths to effectively disrupt adipose tissue and tighten skin through coagulation. Cynosure Lipo MPX is equipped with SmartSense system that takes advantage of thermal sensor technology to automatically control the heat output of the system for maximum precision of the procedure.


1. Multiple wavelengths
Used two wavelengths to effectively tighten skin through coagulation. 1064 nm Wavelength provides an enhanced hemostatic effect for less surgical trauma and faster recovery, while 1320 nm wavelength is best absorbed by water resulting in high efficiency. Each wavelength can be used alone or they can be activated simultaneously in MPX mode.

 2. Power and precision
Up to 46 W of Power allows for a fast treatment and MultiPlex technology provides better control over total energy delivered to the tissues. Lipo MPX uses blended thermal and photomechanical effects to achieve best results in lipolysis

 3. SmartSense-Ready
The key to Cynosure’s unique SmartSense technology is a thermal sensor placed at the end of a cannula to take more accurate measurements. SmartSense automatically pauses heat radiation if the temperature exceeds a critical level, preventing overheating of tissues. 


System Type



1064 nm

1320 nm

Power Width (max)

150 µs

212 µs

Pulse Output (max)

20 W

12 W

Maximum Frequency

40 Hz

40 Hz

Aiming Beam


Electrical Requirements

230 V, 16 A


95 cm x 50 cm x 65 cm


100 kg