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Cynosure Affirm

Anti-Aging Workstation

Cynosure Affirm Laser

Affirm Anti-Aging laser workstation combines several patented technologies in a single unit to achieve complete skin rejuvenation with less pain or discomfort to the patient than any other available product. Fractional laser workstation Affirm provides a complete treatment in a fraction of the time! From pre-treatment preparation through post-treatment outcomes, the Affirm workstation uses  Cynosure’s exclusive CAP, MultiPlex and XPL technologies, offering a dramatically effective  anti-aging treatment for your clients.

Effects of Treatment

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Scar removal
  • Pigmentation and redness reduction
  • Age spot treatment
  • Skin tightening
  • Facial rejuvenation through coagulation of tissue, leading to younger looking skin

Cynosure Affirm


  1. Comprehensive anti-aging treatment
    Affirm offers a total skin rejuvenation system by combining three innovative technologies to effectively cover every layer of photodamaged or aged skin. The epidermis is treated with 1440-nm CAP technology. XPL system enhances clinical outcomes associated with the treatment of redness and pigmentation. And lastly, the 1320-nm MultiPlex technology targets subdermal collagen structures and adipose tissue.
  2. Optimized technology
    Competitive technologies generally have only one available level of heat intensity which is often insufficient to optimize collagen production. Cynosure Affirm features a specialized optical lens array that redistributes laser energy into varied heat intensities to simultaneously stimulate and remodel collagen. Thanks to the above system, excellent results can be achieved using lower energy levels, which significantly reduces patient’s discomfort.
  3. 4x faster treatments
    Affirm laser workstation is able to deliver approximately 1,000 diffractive micro-pulses in a 10-mm spot and requires fewer passes over a given area to achieve the required result, which naturally leads to significantly faster treatment sessions. Affirm also does not require pre-treatment topical dyes, further reducing time spent servicing each client.
  4. Efficiency and ease-of-use
    Laser energy is delivered via a highly durable tip that can treat an average of ten clients without requiring replacement. Affirm’s easy-to-use hand piece allows a cosmetologist to safely perform laser treatment in small areas such as eye regions. Longer equipment life means reduced expenses, less maintenance, and higher profits. 


System Type



Pulsed Light


1440 nm

1320 nm

560-950 nm

Pulse Width



5-35 ms

Maximum Fluence

Up to 8 J/cm2

Up to 14 J/cm2

Up to 20 J/cm2

Spot Size

10 mm, 14 mm

14 mm

11x55 mm


Up to 2.0 Hz

Up to 1.5 Hz

0.33 Hz

Skin Cooling System

Cold Air

Electrical Requirements

220 V, 30 A


103cm x 48 cm x 74cm


95.5 kg