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Alexander Borodko's seminar from "Original Methods" series


Original methodsTwo to three times a year Martinex Training Centre invites guest lecturers to conduct special "Original Methods" seminars. Prominent physicians, surgeons, and other specialists come to our Training Centre in Moscow to share the success they achieved in employing new unique or uncommon techniques with a wider audience. "Original Methods" seminars are aimed at the more advanced physicians, looking to expand their skill set even further and to remain at the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine.

This November Martinex Training Centre invited Dr. Alexander Borodko, a surgeon at Visit-Cosmetik clinic in Kiev, to present his original methods of using phenol peels in conjunction with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections.

The highlights of the seminar included:

  • Classification of chemical peels. Medium and deep peels. The properties and applications of phenol peels, using MCPeel as an example.
  • Indications for use of phenol peels. Optimal application zones. Differences in application when treating body and face. Selection of optimal peeling composition taking into account the individual patient's age, skin type, and other factors.
  • Contraindications (absolute and relative). Preventing and minimizing side effects.
  • Using phenol peels in conjunction with biodegradable hyaluronic acid injections and/or with botulinum toxin type A injections. Indications for each of the aforementioned treatments, results, and advantages.
  • Pre-peel treatments: what to do to prepare the patient for a medium phenol peel treatments and how to maximize the results. Revitalizing injections of unmodified hyaluronic acid as a pre-peel treatment.
  • Demo treatment.
  • Q&A session where Dr. Borodko commented on clinical cases from other physicians' practices.