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New assembly line at Toskani Laboratory


Главный инженер лаборатории Гуреев Андрей Владимирович

Just a few months ago Toskani Laboratory acquired new machnery for vacuum sealing of glass syringes in Craiselheim, Germany.

As part of the contnuous development of our manufacturing facilities Andrey Gurev (chief engineer of Toskani Laboratory) has made another trip to in order to QC test yet more equipment, this time to Clinton (Connecticut, USA).

This machine, made by Bausch Advanced Technologies, Inc. (Germany) will be installed in a "clean room" within our laboratory in order to insert plungers, finger stops and apply labels to sterile syringes. Equipment like this is absolutely essential for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and medical devices because it is able to operate without human supervision in a sealed sterile room (with a window for observation) thus minimizing the risk of chemical and biological contamination.

The equipment will be soon shipped to Toskani's facilities near Moscow, Russia to be used in manufacturing of fillers and bioreparants. Combined with the machine purchased in April, Toskani will significantly increase productuion volumes, introduce new products and as always maintain the highest standards of quality.