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Martinex at Intercharm Professional 2012


Intercharm Professional had taken place in Moscow at the Krokus Expo exhibition centre on April 19th-21st.

INTERCHARM an international exhibition of professional cosmetics and beauty salon equipment, a unique platform that unites all of industry's leading brands under one roof twice a year.  

The event enable the visitors to see the recent achievements in the beauty industry, learn the theoretical basis of the field and also practical experience in a number of fields ranging from dermatology to nail servicing and beauty salon management. One can also learn about the latest trends and acquire knowledge and skills required to work in the beauty industry. The professional training programs offered at the exhibition have become a trademark of the event. Every year thousands of people visit the expo and training events and their grow from year to year.

One of the most interesting events at the expo was a comprehensive workshop on countour correction of the periorbital area using hyaluronic acid-based fillers. The workshop was conducted by Jamel Fares Sleiman, leading specialist of ObvieLine (France) and a few of Martinex's doctors covering every angle of several different techniques. The workshop was attended by more than one hundred doctors as well as other specialists.

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Martinex Group's area at the expo.

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Dermatologists Anna Zvanets and Natalie Frantsuzova, instructors at Martinex Training Centre.

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Francisco Manuel Bosch Martin (vice-president of Martinex), Jamel Fares Sleiman M.D. (leading fillers specialist of ObvieLine, France) and Oksana Podshivalova (head of dermal fillers division at Martinex).

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Alexander Panevin, head of chemical peels division and Valery Bukin, head of laser equipment division are discussing a new contract with a client.

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Mikhail Selyanin, President of Martinex Group

INTERCHARM professional 2012

Full range of Gernetic professional cosmetics on display at the expo.

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