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Intercharm Professional 2012


Martinex invites you to take part in the seminar:

“Aesthetic correction of the periorbital area using low-invasive methods. Advantages of combined use of chemical peels and injections”

The seminar will take place on April 20th at the “INTERCHARM Professional” expo.


Jamel Fares Sleiman M.D.
Plastic surgeon, member of Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and Brazilian Medical Association, plastic surgeon at Avicenna Clinic  (San Paolo, Brazil), leading specialist of ObvieLine company (France).

N.P. Mikhailova M.D.
Scientific director of Martinex Educational Centre, chief editor of “Mesotherapy” journal, certified instructor of “Bioscientific Trading Ltd.” (France), member of American Acedemy of Dermatology (AAD).

I.A. Parfenova M.D.
Dermatologist, cosmetologist at Rephorma Clinic (Moscow), instructor at Martinex Educational Centre.

A.A. Matasyants M.D.
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, instructor at Martinex Educational Centre.

L.I. Soboleva M.D.
Dermatologist, cosmetologist at Rephorma Clinic (Moscow), instructor at Martinex Educational Centre.

Advantages of combined use of injection techniques

  • Anatomical predisposition towards aesthetic defects of the periorbital area
  • Dark circles under the eyes. Pathogenetic aspects of their origin: individual variances in the anatomy of the eye socket, phlebostasis, thin skin of the lower eyelid. Differential approach to the selection of injection treatments.
  • Typical appearance of finely wrinkled type of aging in the periorbital area. Multi-directional effects of drugs as the defining factor of the effectiveness of treatment: biorevitalization – moisturizing effect, biorepair – lifting effect, fillers – creation of the stabilizing framework. Advantages of Hyaluform Filler (stabilized hyaluronic acid filler).
  • Primary causes of origination of swelling in the periorbital area. Use of mesotherapy for correction of the swelling. Using biorevitalizants and biorepairants on patients prone to swelling.
  • Herniation of the lower eyelid. Therapeutic approach. Simultaneous lipolysis and lifting using biorepair. Volumization – relocation of soft tissues in the lower third of the face. Expected results.

Practical aspects of filling the periorbital area

  • Selecting the right category of drug depending on its chemical composition, method of modification, properties and desired effect.
  • Accents of filing the upper third of the face. Selection of drugs and volumes.
  • Alternative techniques of eyebrow lifting and upper eyelid using a needle and a flexible cannula. Volume-based modeling of the forehead and temples.
  • Correction of the lacrimal groove. Selection of the optimal drug and techniques of injection.
  • Optimization of the post-treatment period after using fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
  • Possible transitional complications and methods of their correction.

Role of chemical peels in the correction of aesthetic defects of the periorbital area

  • Variety of aesthetic problems of the periorbital area and pathogenetic mechanisms responsible for them.
  • Potential of chemical peels to affect aesthetic problems of the periorbital area.
  • Retinoic peel’s mechanism of action and different techniques of its application. Using retinoic peels to lift the upper eyelid, correction of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.
  • Finely wrinkled type of aging of the periorbital area and correction using phenol peels.
  • Combined use of medium-depth phenol peels and surface retinoic peels for effective correction of involutional changes in the periorbital area.

Fractional rejuvenation of the periorbital area: relevance and demand

  • Peculiarities of the procedure. Clinical effects. Increasing effectiveness of laser rejuvenation treatments.
  • Combined methods of rejuventation. Using Hyalrepair products to increase the effectiveness and safety of fractional laser rejuventation.

The following video demonstrations will be shown as part of the seminar:

  1. Combined application of MCPeel phenol peel and Block Age Peel Cream retinoic peel as a single treatment.
  2. Herniation of the lower eyelid. Biorepair – therapeutic approach.
  3. Correction of the lacrimal groove and lifting of the upper eyelid using fillers.


Date:                  April 20th, 2012
Location:          “Krosus Expo” exhibition centre, pavilion #3, level 4.
                           (during “INTERCHARM Professional” event) 

Free admission.
Attendees must pre-register for the seminar between 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM.