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About Martinex

Mikhail Selyanin

Mikhail Selyanin, president of Martinex

The first stone in the foundation of Martinex was laid in 1992: a private cosmetologist’s office that opened at one of the municipal clinics of Ekaterinburg. This was one of the first places to introduce cosmeceuticals onto the Russian market, where such products were previously unknown. It became quite successful, and the desire to remain at the helm of innovation lead to our partnership with the French laboratory Gernetic Synthese. At this time, in 1996, Martinex was formally registered under its current name and became the first and exclusive distributor of Gernetic cosmeceuticals in Russia. 

Shortly after, Martinex has outgrown its operations within a single city and began expanding its network of distributors. The office in Moscow was opened around this time. Our goals were “innovation, efficiency and safety” which proved to be an effective business model. In the following few years, during a period of fast economic growth in Russian Federation, Martinex acquired a reputation of always supplying high-quality advanced products and earned the trust of its partners all around Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Specialists of Martinex actively participated in many scientific and commercial conferences around the world on the subject of aesthetic medicine. Close partnership with French Mesotherapy Society and other international organizations has led to the formation of National (Russian) Mesotherapy Society with the purpose of popularizing the technique in Russia. NMS regularly publishes a scientific journal “Mesotherapy” in order to keep the specialists of the field always up-to-date on the latest developments in Mesotherapy techniques and new products on the market, as well as other related news. NMS was established and sponsored by Martinex, but today it is an independent organization. 

Another specialty of Martinex is high-quality aesthetic laser equipment. We keep a close watch on the latest developments in the industry and we have exclusive contracts with leading laser equipment manufacturers from Cynosure (USA) and Energist (Great Britain) for distribution of their products in Russia.


Intercharm 2011

Martinex Today

  • Five regional offices in Kiev, Krasnodar, Kalliningrad, Eketerinburg and Nizhny Novgorod
  • Extensive network of distributors in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Finland, and Easrern Europe
  • Our own Research Centre and advanced manufacturing facilities – Toskani Laboratory
  • Employees of Martinex are highly qualified specialists in medicine, biology, and marketing. Our team of professionals is our greatest asset that allowed us to excel in every aspect of the business for almost 20 years


Ahead of the Competition 

  1. Martinex is not just a distributor, but also a manufacturer and a research company. Having expertise at every step of the business process, from chemicals to the clients is perhaps our greatest advantage before our competitors.  
  2. Martinex is a leading specialist in the field of mesotherapy. Whenever you buy our mesotherapy products, you can be certain of their highest quality.
  3. Martinex developed an entirely new class of injection drugs - Hyalrepair, which allows for a groundbreaking treatment called “biorepair”, the next evolutionary step after biorevitalization. Hyalrepair contains hyraluronic acid, modified using our patented solid-state biopolymer modification technique. Biorepair actually rejuvenates the skin, instead of simply making it look younger because the ingredients of Hyalrepair target the aging processes in the skin and supply the needed compounds to reverse them.



Toskani Laboratory

Research at Martinex

Our research centre operates in partnership with many Russian and international research institutes, participates in two programs on creation of drugs for fast neutron cancer therapy, and several other federal medical development programs. Martinex has been conducting cosmetology-related research for quite some time, but we opened an autonomous Research Centre only recently - in 2008. Since then we have massively increased and broadened our scientific activity and in just three years Martinex Research Centre has received nine (!) patents on unique techniques of solid-state biopolymer modification and our work with hyaluronic acid.

Toskani Laboratory, a subsidiary of Martinex, is primarily a manufacturing facility, but with the help of Martinex Research Centre, we have successfully upgraded chemical peel formulas purchased from Brazil, developing our own stable and effective peels under the brand MedicControlPeel. Toskani adheres to highest manufacturing standards of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We produce top quality chemical peels, mesotherapy and biorepair injections, and we proudly stand behind the quality of all our products.

Training at Martinex

Yet another branch of our company is responsible for training hundreds of skilled cosmetology professionals every year. At our Training Centre, you can obtain the most relevant and most complete instruction on any subject in aesthetic medicine including mesotherapy, biorevitalization, biorepair, chemical peels, physiotherapy, dermal fillers, electronic and laser cosmetology. Our instructors all have extensive practical experience, holding full-time positions in research or medicine, so whenever you come to attend our seminars you are always guaranteed the real knowledge you can use in your practice and not outdated theoretical foundations that are taught year after year in most other colleges and training centres. 

Application at Martinex

Our own clinic “Rephorma” completes the breadth of our expertise in aesthetic medicine as the “client” part in “chemicals to clients”. Rephorma was created a few years ago with the vision of focusing on non-surgical approach to aesthetic medicine, and of being the one place where we can find application for each line of products we manufacture or buy (even if they are out of financial reach for most of our client clinics). Today, we can say that Rephorma has fully lived up to that vision. It is always guaranteed to have the latest and the best because it is the first place to receive everything straight from Martinex. Not a single cosmetology clinic in Moscow has a Cynosure LipoTriplex laser lipolysis machine at its disposal, while Rephorma already successfully used it in dozens of procedures of unique 3D body correction, yielding results that no previous technology can dream of matching. At Rephorma, we routinely treat celebrities – actors and singers, who place their image and their careers in trust of our expertise.


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