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Martinex regularly publishes two professional journals, a quarterly "Mesotherapy" and a semiannual "Lasers&Aesthetics".
Online articles are only available in Russian.

“Mesotherapy” Journal

Mesotherapy is an official publication by the Russian Mesotherapy Society, a  subsidiary of Martinex Group. The journal regularly features the latest and most detailed information on mesotherapy, biorevitalization, fillers and other injection treatments. Mesotherapy is intended for medical professionals working in the field. 

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Mesotherapy journal

“Lasers&Aesthetics” Journal

The journal is aimed at an audience of medical professionals working with aesthetic lasers and pulsed light equipment. Inside every issue of Lasers&Aesthetics you can find information about the latest trends in the industry, new technologies, ongoing research, techniques for performing particular procedures, and more. 

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Lasers&Aesthetics Journal

“Hyaluronic Acid” Book

Martinex Research Centre has published a book titled "Hyaluronic Acid" with collected research of V. N. Khabarov, P. Y. Bojkov and M. A. Selyanin. The book contains scientific papers on the subject of chemistry, biology and use of hyaluronic acid in medicine plus additional original materials to tie everything together into a single cohesive work. The authors sought to cover every angle on the subject, starting with the discovery of hyaluronic acid to the applications in modern medicine. 

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Hyaluronic Acid Book