Plasma therapy is used for a wide range of indications and provides many positive effects. The components of their own plasma are undoubtedly physiological, well studied and guaranteed to be non-allergenic.

The biological effects of therapy are realized due to plasma components, among which protein fractions and components of platelet granules should be especially noted. Among proteins, there are albumins - the building material of cells, γ-globulins, which have anti-inflammatory effect, α-globulins, which carry transport function and regulate the inflammatory response, as well as β-globulins. In the formulation of platelet granules, growth factors are especially important - stimulators of cellular activity, cytokines that provide intercellular interaction and such biologically active substances as histamine, bradykinin, adenosine, which improve blood flow and increase vascular permeability.


Effects on all links of natural regeneration
Balanced (in natural proportions) content of cytokines and growth factors
Bioavailability of the material
Flexibility in use
Therapeutic effect on all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis)


To make plasma therapy even more effective, which is required by patients of the XXI century, to expand the range of its possibilities and at the same time to increase the safety of the procedure, the new method allows: HYALREPAIR® PRP-therapy.

HYALREPAIR® PRP therapy is a unique therapeutic method aimed at physiological tissue regeneration and long-term maintenance of optimal synthetic cell activity.

HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel is plasma enriching agent based on hyaluronic acid of biosynthetic origin, modified with vitamin C, cysteine and glutathione, "sewn" to it by the method of solid-phase modification without the use of cross-linking agents. For finely dispersed mixing of plasma and enriching agent, they are subjected to joint centrifugation.

Mechanism of action of HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel

  • HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel promotes the release (activation) of biologically active substances of platelet granules, including growth factors
  • provides a uniform distribution of biologically active substances (BAS) that make up platelet granules, including growth factors in the gel
  • ensures an even distribution of platelet growth factors in the extracellular matrix and their direct delivery to all cells of the treated area, and not only at the site of injury (injection), due to the ability of HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel to spread between the fibers of the dermis, keeping plasma BAS
  • due to the biologically active substances included in its formulation (hyaluronic acid (HA), amino acids, vitamins, peptides, microelements), HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel creates optimal conditions for the vital activity of skin cells, provides the function of nutrition, protection, restoration and stimulation of cells
  • hydrates the skin, straightens and regenerates the extracellular matrix due to the high molecular weight HA in HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel
  • retains biologically active substances in tissues: amino acids, vitamins, microelements and peptides attached to hyaluronic acid that form the basis of HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel, as well as substances that make up platelet granules, including growth factors, for a long period necessary for physiological regeneration
  • increases the synthetic activity of fibroblasts, stimulates the synthesis of young collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans, including its own hyaluronic acid due to the gradual biodegradation of HA and the release of biologically active substances and autoplasma components
  • neutralizes "cellular debris" of autoplasma (free radicals, salts of heavy metals, etc.), provides detoxification of the intercellular space, protects cells from damage by free radicals (exhibits an antioxidant effect) due to the components that make up HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix Gel.

The combined use of plasma and PRP Matrix Gel allows to summarize and enhance their effects and get the most pronounced complex effect on tissues, including age-related changes in the skin, wrinkles, rosacea, reactive skin and pigmentation, hair problems, joints, etc., to expand the range of indications for plasma therapy and prolong the resulting effects over time.

Clinical effects

  1. Immediate effect (hydration, relief and wrinkle reduction, complexion improving, skin radiance effect)
  2. Increasing turgor, tone, reducing wrinkles, lifting, hyperpigmentation clarification, strengthening the vascular wall, improving skin color and smoothness
  3. Reducing acne inflammation, eliminating and preventing stagnant spots and acne scars
  4. Stimulation of hair growth, improving hair structure, reducing hair loss
  5. Increase of rehabilitation after aggressive procedures (plastic surgery, various types of resurfacing, peelings, etc.)
  6. Increase of skin regeneration.


  • Age-related changes in the skin (decreased skin turgor and elasticity, wrinkles of varying depth, deformation of the face oval, skin laxity)
  • Signs of photo damage
  • Skin dryness
  • Reactive skin, violation of the lipid-epidermal barrier
  • Couperosis
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Therapy for cicatricial changes in the skin and stretch marks
  • Alopecia of various origins
  • Acne therapy
  • Preparation and rehabilitation of the skin after aggressive influences (laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, microdermabrasion, etc.)
  • Edema (including after liposuction, lipolysis).

Advantages of HYALREPAIR® PRP therapy

1. Synergism of techniques: 2 procedures in one (bioreparation + plasma therapy = HYALREPAIR® PRP therapy)

2. High efficiency with a minimum rehabilitation period:
  • visible effect immediately after the first procedure
  • long-lasting effect *
  • minimal traumatization
3. Expressed additional effects due to biologically active substances attached to hyaluronic acid, which forms the basis of HYALREPAIR® PRP Matrix GEL

4. Safety:
  • platelet activation without the use of chemical compounds
  • purification of plasma from "cellular debris" due to PRP Matrix Gel
5. Comfortable course: from 1 to 3 procedures once a month

6. Convenience for physician and patient: only one tube of blood is needed instead of four, no special centrifuge is needed.

* Maintenance of improvement in skin quality indicators 6 months after the course of HYALREPAIR® PRP therapy is proven by clinical studies.

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