Your Skin + Your Doctor = Your Formula
An innovative French personalized cosmeceutical from France!
Universkin™ is a brand that was founded in the south of France in 2006 by a group of scientists and practicing physicians: dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, biologists, chemists and pharmacists, united by the idea of developing a product of very high quality and efficiency to meet the needs of doctors.

The brand philosophy is simple and complex at the same time: there are no two people with exactly the same skin, therefore, each skin needs an individual approach and a personalized treatment formula. The cosmetologist's duty is to correctly diagnose the patient's skin and create an individual solution for him/her.

First of all, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient's skin. The Universkin™ brand offers a unique digital platform based on artificial intelligence SkinXs to help the doctor. The platform allows to determine the main skin dysfunctions and select the necessary active ingredients for a particular patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of his/her skin, age, season ... Over the years of scientific research and clinical trials, Universkin™ brand experts have identified 19 of the most active and effective ingredients that have a scientifically proven base. All the active ingredients of the Universkin™ brand are pure, contain no preservatives, are in capsules in the form of powder. And a unique product is prepared for the treatment of skin dysfunctions right in front of a patient literally in a minute, by integrating selected active ingredients into the patented Universkin™ P base serum, which contains omega-3, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides. The doctor integrates one to three carefully and individually selected active ingredients into the base serum. Thus, the doctor can create 1,159 personalized formulas!

The revolutionary approach of Universkin™ is to create a personalized cosmetic product for each patient according to a unique formula created based on the individual needs of the skin. Since Universkin™ is a doctor-prescribed skin treatment, the brand is only distributed through clinics and salons.

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