SOFTFIL® microcannulas

SoftFil® cannulas - a special range of microcannulas with markings and different inner diameter. Designed using the soft-fill technique (standardized injection method), SoftFil® cannulas are available to all practicing physicians. Regardless of the used technique, at least two types of SoftFil® cannulas can be used in each case. For each injection area, the cannula will fit your needle in diameter and injection depth. All SoftFil® cannulas have been rheologically and clinically tested.


  • A wide range of high-tech cannulas.
    Various sizes designed to suit all needs.

  • Adapted for any clinical application.
    One or more sizes for each area, direction and depth of injection.

  • Excellent quality and reliability.
    Excellent flexibility and strength of stainless steel needle and plastic base.

  • High clinical safety.
    Minimal tissue injury due to rounded tip

  • Graduated to control the depth of penetration.
    Allows precise adjustment of injection depth

  • Less force when pressing the piston.
    The XL internal diameter cannula requires less pressure when injecting thick gels.

  • Better rheology for smoother flow.
    The molecules of the substance are subject to less physical effect.

  • Marking on the base from the hole side.
    It is easy to determine the position of the hole even with the cannula injected.

Selection of cannulas caliber depending on the viscosity of Perfectha® and Hyaluform® preparations

Выбор калибра канюль в зависимости от вязкости препаратов Perfectha® и Hyaluform®

Issued registration certificate No. FSZ 2012/11798 dated March 20, 2012.

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