APRILINE® is the only 100% efficiently cross-linked monophasic hyaluronic acid gel created using the unique A.P.R.I. technology.

APRILINE® line preparations present a new generation of fillers and biorevitalizants based on stabilized hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin, produced by the Suisselle laboratory in Switzerland. Fifty years of scientific research devoted to the study of hyaluronic acid properties and its interaction with the skin has allowed the renowned Swiss laboratory Suisselle to create APRILINE® line of ideal fillers.

APRILINE® line preparations include monophasic, highly plastic, homogeneous sterile pyrogen-free gels - APRILINE® Normal and APRILINE® Forte fillers, APRILINE® Hydro biorevitalizant.

A.P.R.I. technology

The uniqueness of APRILINE® line preparations lies in the high degree of their purity and safety, achieved through the use of an innovative method for stabilizing hyaluronic acid - A.P.R.I. technology.

Advantage of A.P.R.I. technology lies in the fact that the whole process of hyaluronic acid stabilization takes place in one phase in a highly concentrated aqueous solution, without the addition of acids and alkalis, that is, in a neutral medium. Under such conditions, a greater number of effective bonds between hyaluronic acid molecules are formed, the formation of "auxiliary" bonds is minimized, as well as the likelihood of the release of BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether) molecules in the finished product.

Advantages of choosing APRILINE®.

  • Even distribution in the surrounding tissue ensures natural and intelligent wrinkle filling.
  • The required level of viscosity of the preparation allows to fully restore the volume.
  • The optimal formulation of the homogeneous gel, created using "in one phase" technology, provides maximum control and impeccable comfort for your clients.
  • An innovative way to stabilize hyaluronic acid - A.P.R.I. technology guarantees a high degree of purity and safety of preparations.
Additional information.

APRILINE® preparations have ISO 13485, CE, GMP certification. High quality standards are maintained throughout the entire production cycle.

  • APRILINE® Normal

    Filler for medium deep wrinkles and lip filling
  • APRILINE® Forte

    Filler for deep wrinkles

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