• Local anesthesia is an important stage in any injection technique, since pain causes a response of the body (stress reaction), which is accompanied by reflex disturbances of microcirculation, metabolic processes, tissue hypoxia, thus reducing the effectiveness of the procedure and causing a lot of negative emotions in the client.
  • Lidocaine and prilocaine, which are a part of this cream, belong to the amido group anesthetics, and therefore, the preparation has a pronounced analgesic effect, has a long duration of action, diffuses better into tissues, and is more stable during storage than similar agents that do not contain amides. The effect of the anesthetics included in the cream is realized due to the blockade of sodium-potassium channels in the nerve endings, as a result of which the conduction of the pain impulse is quickly disrupted and the tissues lose sensitivity.
  • Another component of the preparation - propylene glycol binds water, is a moisturizer, emulsifier and conductor for anesthetics, thereby further enhancing the analgesic effect of this product.


For prolonged anesthesia (up to 3 hours)
For biorevitalization, mesotherapy, bioreparation, bio-reinforcement procedures, anesthesia with J-PRO cream is carried out according to the following scheme: apply the preparation to intact skin with a layer of medium thickness under an occlusive dressing (plaster or film) for 20-30 minutes. In this case, the effect lasts for at least 2-3 hours.
For quick anesthesia or in cases where the use of an occlusive film is impossible for any reason, apply J-PRO cream on clean, dry, intact skin in the area of the intended manipulation for 10-15 minutes, then remove excess cream and start exposure. Quick anesthesia is suitable for contouring procedures.
Mucous membrane:
apply the cream to the desired area (removal, injection) for 5-10 minutes, then remove it and start exposure.


  • local anesthesia during the following procedures
  • mesotherapy
  • contour correction
  • bio-revitalization
  • Thread Lifting
  • piercing
  • laser therapy
  • permanent makeup
  • any painful dermatological treatments
  • surgical procedures on the skin

  • J-PRO — application anesthesia cream

    J-PRO (J-PRO) - cream for application anesthesia, before injection procedures, such as contour correction, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, bioreparation, as well as piercing, tattooing, chemical peelings and others.

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