Radio-wave surgery


WAVEtronic 5000 Digital (Loctal Medical Electronics, Brazil) is a portable radiosurgical device operating at high frequencies (4 MHz) and allowing the surgeon to perform delicate surgical procedures with great safety for the patient. Designed for monopolar cutting and coagulation as well as for bipolar coagulation. Has the ability to select waves for a wide variety of uses. It is used in the practice of doctors of such specialties as surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, dermatovenerology.

The main advantages of using the WAVEtronic 5000 Digital device are the practically bloodless surgical field, the absence of the Faraday effect (painful muscle contraction with current passes through the body) - the presence of which is the main disadvantage of most low-frequency electrosurgical generators. The postoperative wound heals much faster than with other tissue cutting methods and with minimal scarring.


  1. Cut - This mode is for cutting only and produces a minimum of lateral heat. It is used for very gentle and delicate cutting, avoiding charring and cellular degradation due to minimal lateral heat loss. This wave is perfect when making incisions near bones, when removing superficially located skin lesions, and is also indicated when taking biopsy specimens, skin grafts for transplantation, when making incisions for drainage and when manipulating mucous membranes;
  2. Blend (incision and coagulation) - tissue cutting occurs simultaneously with superficial coagulation. The ratio of the cutting and coagulation functions in this wave is approximately 50% to 50%, which makes it possible not only to easily cut the tissue, but also simultaneously stop diapedesic bleeding. This is the most commonly used wave type due to the large number of indications for its use in: cutting and coagulation, cutting the skin in aesthetic medicine and reconstructive plastic surgery, when carrying out a variety of peelings, when removing skin tumors and mucous membranes. In addition, this mode can be successfully used to remove nerves, actinic and seborrheic keratoses, resection of keloids and in other cases;
  3. Coagulation - This wave with high lateral heat is indicated for coagulation and hemostasis. Used in dermatological treatments such as telangiectasia treatment, hair removal; in ENT practice for the treatment of nosebleeds. It can also be used to stop bleeding from vessels with a diameter of up to 1.5 mm, for example, at the intervention places performed in the Cut or Blend modes. For this, special ball electrodes are used;
  4. Bipolar (bipolar coagulation mode) - used in microsurgery, as well as high precision hemostatic current in wet or dry areas where forceps are used as electrodes.

The pronounced cosmetic effect allows the WAVEtronic 5000 Digital to be widely used in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. The WAVEtronic 5000 Digital is user-friendly and easy to use. A variety of electrode models and accessories contribute to greater ease of use and excellent results.

The WAVEtronic 5000 Digital has been tested according to a legally approved protocol. Registration certificate FS No. 2006/843.

WAVEtronic 5000 Digital is successfully used in leading clinics in the world, as well as in Moscow and regional clinics in Russia (CELT Moscow, Clinical Hospital No. 1 of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Center for Plastic and Endoscopic Surgery "Lancet" Moscow, Regional Hospital Lipetsk , OJSC "Medicine for You", Penza, Hospital of OJSC Russian Railways, Novokuznetsk, clinic "Chance", Vladivostok, as well as in a number of clinics in Bashkiria, Stavropol and Krasnodar).

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