Mesoinjector Pistor 4 (ML-Medical Innovation, France) is a universal electronic high-precision instrument that allows practicing meso-therapists:

  • To control the procedure accuracy, the depth of injection, the volume of the drug injected into each place, ensuring confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the procedure completed
  • To perform the procedure using any mesotherapy technique
  • To use ready-made complex products and combine monoproducts and meso cocktails
  • Automate the work process, shorten the session time, while reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system and the specialist's hands
  • Treat large surfaces evenly and quickly with maximum comfort for a patient

Pistor 4 mesoinjector specifications:

  • ease of management (clear menu)
  • reliable push-button mechanism
  • high performance rate
  • powerful rechargeable battery: up to 72 hours of continuous operation (depending on the operating mode)
  • the ability to work from the network
  • light weight of the device - 500 g.
  • 5 modes of injection: "Long-term injections", "micro-doses", "standard doses", "mesoperfusion", "nappage"
  • no need for additional processing (sterilization), since the set for one patient for one procedure, consisting of a disposable nozzle and a stabilizer, excludes contact with blood of non-replaceable parts of the device
  • use of syringes of any volume from 1 ml to 10 ml
The use of the Pistor 4 mesoinjector increases the cosmetologist's productivity, allowing him to perform a significantly larger number of procedures than with the manual technique. The risk of medical error is minimized and the quality of the procedures performed is increased. This will allow you to always get the perfect result and effectively expand your loyal customer base.

Mesoinjector Pistor 4: comfort, accuracy, and speed without wasting drugs.

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