Cynosure Lipo MPX

The future of laser body modeling

The new SmartLipo MPX liposuction and body sculpting device combines 1064 and 1320 nm wavelengths, the patented MultiPlex technology and the unique SmartSense intelligent system that ensures patient safety and achieves the best aesthetic result.

Effects of the procedure

Smartlipo MPX is the first and the only device for lipoxuction and laser body sculpting so far, which allows:

  • to safely and consistently distribute heat energy, what is confirmed by numerous clinical studies;
  • to reduce exposure time by means of the combination of clinical effects of radiation with two wavelengths;
  • to combine the properties of radiation of two wavelengths to achieve effective lipolysis and tissue coagulation, which leads to an increase in tissue elasticity;
  • to see on-screen information of a unique intelligent safe power supply system.

Innovative technologies

  1. Various exposure methods
    The SmartLipo MPX allows you to use 1064 and 1320 nm radiation separately or in combination with MultiPlex technology. Radiation with a wavelength of 1064 nm provides improved hemostasis in non-surgical interventions, shortens the rehabilitation period and increases skin elasticity by influencing collagen fibers. Radiation with a wavelength of 1320 nm is well absorbed by the human body fluids, resulting in effective lipolysis.

  2. All the benefits of MultiPlex technology
    This technology allows precise control of the supplied energy and combines thermal and photomechanical actions, that promotes lipolysis and increases skin elasticity. It is characterized by short radiation time at high power (30 W/12 W).

  3. Possibility of maximum control over the procedure course thanks to the SmartSense system with ThermaGuide
    The SmartLipo MPX handle is equipped with a SmartSense motion sensor that cuts off power when the handle stops for 0.2 seconds, this guarantees a safe procedure and allows you to achieve a smoother pass along the contour. The cannula is equipped with a ThermaGuide thermal sensor: it measures the temperature near the cannula to distribute energy more evenly and avoid dangerous overheating.

  4. Even distribution of heat energy thanks to the ThermaView camera
    The thermal system of the ThermaView camera measures the skin surface temperature and creates a visual temperature map within the treatment area, which allows the thermal energy to be evenly distributed.

  • Cynosure Elite

    Elite Aesthetic Workstation is a multifunctional system that includes an alexandrite laser for hair removal with a wavelength of 755 nm and a Nd: YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm. Allows you to quickly and effectively carry out laser hair removal, as well as perform a wide range of other procedures for patients with any skin phototype. The versatility of this apparatus ensures its high profitability.
  • Cynosure Affirm

    Affirm Workstation - Nd: YAG fractional laser for non-ablative laser rejuvenation with wavelengths of 1440 and 1320 nm, equipped with an XPL pulsed light unit with a wavelength range of 560 to 950 nm and an Er: YAG laser with a wavelength of 2940 nm. The device smoothes wrinkles (including deep ones) and rejuvenates the skin, increases its elasticity, eliminates scars, stretch marks, acne scars, and much more.

    Lipo Triplex is an innovative system designed for laser correction of adipose tissue, connective tissue stroma of subcutaneous adipose tissue and subdermal skin layer.

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