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Photorejuvenation devices

Cynosure Affirm лазерный аппарат для процедур омоложенияCynosure Affirm laser device for rejuvenation procedures Affirm Workstation - Nd:YAG-fractional laser for non-ablative laser rejuvenation with wavelengths of 1440 and 1320 nm, equipped with an XPL pulsed light unit with a wavelength range of 560 to 950 nm and an Er:YAG-laser with a wavelength of 2940 nm. The device smoothes wrinkles (including deep ones) and rejuvenates the skin, increases its elasticity, eliminates scars, stretch marks, acne scars, and much more.

Scope of laser Affirm:

  • microthermal rejuvenation;
  • correction of deep wrinkles;
  • increased tissue elasticity;
  • treatment of scars and stretch marks;
  • acne scar treatment;
  • correction of pigmentation and redness;
  • laser resurfacing;
  • coagulation of blood vessels.

Cynosure Affirm фото проведения косметологической процедурыMultiPlex: accurate wavelengths and accurate results

MultiPlex technology is the sequential use of 1320 and 1440 nm radiation through one emitter with a minimum time interval, which allows simultaneous treatment of the superficial and deep skin layers. Each procedure gives two effects at once: correction of wrinkles and an increase in tissue elasticity (they are tightened by 3-5 mm by means of coagulation). Thus, the standard procedure duration is shortened and optimal results are achieved with minimal complications. Cynosure Affirm is the only photo and laser rejuvenation machine with MultiPlex technology, which is designed to target both external and internal processes of photoaging signs.

CAP: high technology for maximum comfort and optimal results

The Combined Apex Pulse (CAP) is a range of optical lenses that convert laser energy into fractional radiation. Due to this, collagen fibers are remodeled, their synthesis is stimulated. The rehabilitation period is shortened and a patient experiences minimal pain during the procedure.

In addition, the CAP technology is characterized by a high energy density (approximately 1000 fractional microbeams are emitted in a spot with a 10 mm diameter), therefore, fewer laser passes over the treated surface are required. As a result, a complete facial treatment takes less than 15 minutes. CAP technology increases the skin processing speed by 400%, and the reduction in treatment time helps to increase the profitability of your business!

Cynosure Affirm Specifications

Radiation source



Pulse lamp

Er: Yag


1440 nm

1320 nm

560–950 nm

2940 nm

Pulse duration

3 msec

5–35 msec

0,5 msec

Maximum energy density

8 Дж/см2

14 J/cm2

20 J/cm2

5 J/cm2

Spot size

10 mm

14 mm

11 х 55 mm (6 cm2)

5 mm

Maximum frequency

2 Hz

1,5 Hz

0,33 Hz

1–5 Hz

Skin cooling system

Cold air

Network parameters

200-220 V, 30 A

Dimensions (H x W x D)

103 cm x 48 cm x 74 cm


95,5 kg

  • Cynosure Elite

    Elite Aesthetic Workstation is a multifunctional system that includes an alexandrite laser for hair removal with a wavelength of 755 nm and a Nd: YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm. Allows you to quickly and effectively carry out laser hair removal, as well as perform a wide range of other procedures for patients with any skin phototype. The versatility of this apparatus ensures its high profitability.
  • Cynosure Lipo MPX

    The new SmartLipo MPX liposuction and body sculpting device combines 1064 and 1320 nm wavelengths, the patented MultiPlex technology and the unique SmartSense intelligent system that ensures patient safety and achieves the best aesthetic result.

    Lipo Triplex is an innovative system designed for laser correction of adipose tissue, connective tissue stroma of subcutaneous adipose tissue and subdermal skin layer.

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